The Aged Care Royal Commission has shown the sector is lagging when it comes to the adoption of technology.


As a residential aged care provider, you may be thinking about how technology and software can not only assist in administering increased governance standards but also about embracing technology to improve care and monitor your residents’ well being.

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"The only way to shed this admin burden is by using appropriate technology."


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Quigly can be your partner on this challenge, removing roadblocks and implementing the right technology strategy in a concise time frame.

  • Independent advice on the next steps for your organisation.

  • Technology in Residential Aged Care strategy development.

  • Assess your technology risk register;

  • Review existing technology contracts for best fit.

  • 60-day technology sprint to fix your existing issues.

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Improve performance in areas such as:

  • Sharing resident information.

  • Communication with staff.

  • Communication between staff .

  • Rostering .

  • Accountability.

  • Compliance .

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Our Free 3 step plan follows a proven process of understanding your organisation’s individual challenges and identifying a plan to address the top 3 challenges you face. 

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The free Technology Solution Planning packages encompass:

1. Initial assessment (remote) on your current technology profile. 

2. Survey of staff re technology use and organisational challenges.

3. 60-day Technology Solution Plan to address the top 3 main challenges (which you can then take to your IT provider and ask them to quote on solutions).

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