Imagine if you had person you could call when you just didn't know what to do? A person who solved your problems. Who you trusted implicitly to 'just fix things.' Sounds like Mr Wolf 'The Fixer,' from the Quentin Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction.

Many businesses have these people in the form of the Accountant for matters of finances and their Lawyer for all things legal. But what about Technology?



Some people have an 'IT Guy.' But rarely does this person truly understand business, as they have spent their whole career immersed in technology. And they can't be independent because the technology recommendations they put forward will infrequently impact their future income from your business.

The type of service required here. A true 'Wolf' service can only be delivered by a group of people that understand how business really operates. The challenges a business faces. Equally though, they must clearly know how technology can help achieve business goals. And on top of this they must be a true advocate for the business. Truly independent.

So when a business has questions that relate to a variety of challenges they can be 'The fixer.' Challenges such as:

  • Cloud Adoption

  • Cloud to Cloud Migration

  • NBN/Broadband Issues

  • Software solution performance and review

  • Technology Efficiency and Improvement

  • Technology upgrade requirements



Quigly Solutions do not provide implementation services. Quigly do not fix computer issues or deliver software solutions. Quigly provide advice and guidance on all of the challenges outlined here and many others. The Quigly Team reduce the stress of technology, provide clear technology  recommendations based on clear business logic. These recommendations include what technologies will help achieve your business goals and which partners are best placed to delivered them and support your business in the process. The Quigly team can be your Wolf.

Image by Marek Szturc

A true 'Wolf' service can only be delivered by a group of people that understand how business really operates.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng