Video Conferencing Guide

Updated: May 27, 2021

This guide and subsequent checklist aims to assist in creating a simple yet quality videoconferencing environment for those all important calls.

The Guide

Have you watched the news and seen the CEO of a top 100 company interviewed about their yearly results recently? They’re clearly working from home. Which in itself is good, but invariably they have made little or no effort to create an appropriate ’professional’ environment for the Video Call. Think cluttered background that looks like they‘re calling from a cupboard, camera at an angle so you’re looking up their nose. Poor lighting creating shadows so thankfully you can’t see up their nose. The list goes on...

1 Look behind you

2 Sort your audio

3 Camera and camera placement

4 Lighting

5 What are you wearing?

6 Hide yourself

7 Know your settings

Download the full guide here:

Website -Video conferencing checklist
Download PD • 459KB

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