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It’s said that Business 101 is “have a businesses plan.” However it’s also said that “every business is now a technology business.” So with technology playing such an important role in everyone business it is vital that any business plan pays serious attention to technology by including a technology strategy. In the same way it should include a marketing strategy and a sales strategy.

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Technology projects are complicated things as they can have many diverse stakeholders with disparate requirements. They can also involve disparate systems that were never designed to communicate or share data. Well designed and managed Technology projects have significant benefit for businesses in assisting the achievement of business goals. The better the design and better the implementation the more likely business goals will be achieved or exceeded.

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Services contracts are complicated and Technology Services Contract are really complicated. Only experienced business and technology advocates can understand the nuances of these type of contracts. Nuances that can make a big difference from a cost point of view. However an equally important consideration is to ensure that the services to be delivered under this contract are actually going to assist the business to achieve it's goals or simply add to overheads without return.

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Business people are subject matter experts. They know their business backwards. Recruitment businesses are generally run but expert recruiters who at some point decided to launch thier own business. Accounting firms, Legal practices, Public Relations, Environmental experts, the list goes on. All run by subject matter experts. Experts who may also know a bit about technology but are not experts and certainly don't have enough time to focus on it. Imagine how empowered that expert would feel if they had a Technology Expert that they could turn to, to advocate on behalf of their business. An advocate that they trusted, someone they knew truly had thier best interests at heart. That would make for a powerful pairing.

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According to Accenture '43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses' and 'Sixty percent of small business fail within six months of being victimized.' These are figures worth taking note of and they highlight the level of attention that all small businesses should pay to Cyber Risk. However Cyber Risk represents just a portion of the Technology Risks faced by all businesses. Addressing Technology Risk is a whole of business effort from the 3 day a week intern to the Chair of the Board. All are responsible and all must understand their responsibility.