Quigly's Technology Advisory service was founded by Mark Williams. Mark has run and advised technology companies for over 20 years. These have included Digital Agencies, Managed Service Providers, AI Startups, Environmental Consultants, Aged Care and other Professional Services.

When establishing Quigly, Mark’s goal was to fill a gap he could see between Technology Providers and Technology Users (Or Businesses). A knowledge gap that he had observed over decades where, in general, Technology Providers have a technology focus and Technology Users have a business focus. This disconnect frequently causes a misalignment between technology strategy and whole of business strategy.


And hence the birth of Quigly. An independent business and technology advisory business that advocates on behalf of business clients to ensure they use the right technology and technology partners to achieve their business goals.

Mark Williams
Founder and Principal

...a complete Technology Strategy that supports the achievement of business goals...



Mark and his team provide a broad range of services that ‘Fill the gap.’ From a complete Technology Strategy that supports the achievement of business goals to general advice on the adoption on new technology solutions to support specific business initiatives.

Book a call today to discuss how we can help your business achieve it's goals by aligning the direction of your IT investment with the rest of the business.

To offer independent technology advice to small-medium business owners.


To advocate on their behalf to ensure business goals can be achieved and to maximise the impact of their investment in technology.

"Mark was the complete opposite of every IT boffin I'd ever met. Rather than command trust from a position of authority, he earned it by demonstrating that he understood my needs and was sensitive to my concerns. Having Mark work as my advocate in negotiating a new IT services contract was a smart decision that has more than paid itself off. It was a pleasure working with Mark and I would use him again without hesitation."

Client - Rob Di Cristoforo

Having commercially minded senior tech and business advocates, with over 20 years experience, we can make the difference in guiding your Organisation through the ever-increasing complexities of technology solutions in the marketplace in a more effective way all the while mindful to minimise the risks your business faces.

We advocate on your behalf to increase competitive advantage in the market and maximise the impact of your investment in technology.